Raise ££££ for your club


Does your club want a fun night at the dogs and the chance to raise £600? If the answer is yes then sign up for a Fun Raising night at Poole Greyhounds.

How a NIGHT AT THE DOGS can help your club raise money:

Six teams will be invited to each event.  Each team/club will be supplied (free of charge) 100 tickets and promotional posters for the event.  The tickets can be sold to team members, friends and family (over 18’s only) for up to £6.00 per ticket, potentially raising £600 for your club. Children are admitted free when accompanied by an adult.  Your club retain all the ticket money you raise.  The tickets entitle the bearer to entry and racecard to the stadium and participation in the POOLE STADIUM CLUB CHAMPIONS CUP.

Dates Available:

Tuesday 6th November                          Saturday 10th November

Tuesday 4th December                        Saturday 8th December

How it works on the night:

Six local sports clubs are pitched against each other at a night at the dogs.  Each team is assigned a dog trap for the night and wins points according to the performance of the greyhounds racing out of their trap for six races.  The position the dog finishes in each race translates to points on a league table (7 points for a win, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd place 4 points, 4th place 3 points, 5th place 2 points and 1 point for last place).  The team with the most points wins the title of POOLE STADIUM CLUB CHAMPIONS and receive a special commemorative trophy.

If you are interested please contact the booking office on 01202 677 449 or email to book your date and we will issue you with the tickets and posters.